Companies and salons, with which works “Natalia Pokrovskaia Workshop”

  1. Art-sale-room “ESTA”

    The “ESTA” art-sale-room – the goods for dance and theatre. Dancing footwear for ball, folk and spanish dances, footwear for step and a jazz, ballet shoes of all kinds. Suits for dances, ball dresses, dress coats, tail-coat shirts, trousers, waistcoats, tail-coat accessories, suits for bellydance, training clothes for dances, bathing suits for gymnastics.

  2. Trading House “ESTA”

    A variety of assortment in our shop will satisfy dancers of any directions, actors of theatre and show business, sportsmen, designers and not ordinary, creative people. Express the individuality, having picked up a fabric corresponding to your desires.

  3. Art-sale-room “Zodiac”

    Fabrics for ball dresses, evening dresses, for sports ball dances, figure skating, synchronous swimming, and other kinds of sports. Fabrics for circus, theatre, show, freestyle. Volumetric guipures and a lacy cloth.

  4. Sale-room “Art”

    The official distributor of english fabrics and accessories of firm CHRISANNE in Russia.

  5. Sale-room “Icedora”

    Sale-room “Icedora” offers wide assortment of elegant high-quality fabrics from leading world manufacturers for tailoring dancing clothes, clothes for sports dances, clothes for variety suits, clothes for a podium.