Suits and dresses for ballroom dancing, figure skating, art gymnastics, shows, circus, scene.

Design and sewing suits of any complexity for Ballroom dancing (St, La, Rating, Po-Am, Tango), figure skating, art gymnastics. Evening and wedding dresses, tailcoats, tuxedos, suits for the show, stage, circus, oriental dance, bodyfitness, tap dance. Clothing class “Luxe”.Pasting crystals “Swarovski”, hand and machine embroidery. Sewing by the customer measurements, without try’s, shipping any suitable way. Cooperation with artistic groups and clubs.

The real masterpiece originates away from mainstream...

Pokrovskaia Workshop
Pokrovskaia Workshop
Pokrovskaia Workshop
Pokrovskaia Workshop
Pokrovskaia Workshop
Pokrovskaia Workshop

About Us

“Pokrovskaia Workshop” works in the field of creation of suits for Ballroom dances (St, La, Rating, Pro-Am), figure skating, art gymnastics, circus and theatrical representations, variety shows, wedding and other celebrations, casual and evening wear “de Luxe”, and so fashionable dancing clothes for various youth currents, styles and directions.
Having called by phone, it is possible to make an appointment with the designer during convenient time. Colourful sketches, and also photo gallery of our works of the most various directions will be presented to your attention.

Discussion of models from your fabrics or on samples of fabrics of different price categories of our partners (“ЭСТА”, “ZODIAC”, “ART”) will interest even the most demanding client. And for the most demanding one we can offer catalogues of exclusive fabrics which can be ordered from France according to your desire.
Our designers, under the direction of ideological inspirer Natalia Pokrovskaia, will offer you courageous elaboration of your suit, unusual and advantageous color combinations, original accessories.

At present days about 20 highly qualified specialists successfully work under efficient management of Natalia Pokrovskaia. At your service will be a huge quantity of variants of a decor of your suits: original stones “SWAROVSKI”, the unique magnificent manual embroidery, an effective machine embroidery, and so on and so forth. Any of your imaginations and wishes will be fulfilled perfectly and precisely on time.

The creative approach and experience of our employees together with a high-quality accessories and the industrial sewing equipment will make you the regular clients of our studio. And the brightest confirmation of it is the constantly increasing number of our regular clients and the fact that our suits many times became a kind of arbiter of season fashion in different kinds of sports.

Having visited us, you will get in the world filled by a creative atmosphere, art ideas and the plans literally soaring in air. We guarantee the friendly reception and professional, qualitative services and as result – a suit, emphasizing your advantages and individuality.

Our suit is a springboard to your success !!!


Дорогие друзья! Приглашаю танцоров всех категорий, педагогов, судей всех рангов в нашу уютную Мастерскую.
У нас вы можете заказать костюмы, ознакомиться с программами для коллективов, заказать вечерние туалеты.
Мы всегда рады видеть вас!

С уважением, Наталья Покровская.



119261, Moscow City, Leninskiy Prospekt, 83/2, “Pokrovskaia Workshop”



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Monday – Friday 10.00 – 20.00, or until the last customer accepted.



“Universitet” Metro station, 20 minutes on foot.

“Leninskiy Prospekt” Metro station, А-553, А-м1, А-н11, Т-м4, “Tsentr detskogo tvorchestva” station.
Go to the other side of Leninsky Prospect, go around house 83 on the right. 83k2 tower in the courtyard.

“Profsoyuznaya” Metro station, А-487, А-908, А-130, “Cheremushkinskiy Rinok” station, 15 minutes on foot.


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