At last you have succeeded, have grown and send to a following category and we sew the first long dress for the European program, the so-called Standard.

It should be noted, that it is very long-awaited and exciting moment for the girl, for its mum, and in some cases and for the daddy. At a choice of a silhouette and primary color of a dress our designer and creative director Natalia Pokrovskaia considers set of factors: besides your personal advantages, a figure, color of hair and eyes, your character, and character of dance of your pair takes into consideration. To all other, the political moment of development of pair is necessarily considered: for example, you have just recently entered into the given category, or already are going to leave it and other subtleties… Everybody knows, that the suit plays a huge role in achievement of desirable result, therefore it is very important, that the dress corresponded to the problems put before you and has accelerated achievement of your purposes. Believe, that our long-term operational experience (over 20 years) in this area assumes great variety of trade secrets and receptions which will make you unexpected, courageous and successful on a parquet.

Naturally, you should be ready that the price of a dress of this category differs from a rating dress and depends exclusively on the sketch chosen by you.

The cost of a dress includes: sewing, furnish, a fabric, presence of applications, glass strings of various feathers and a boa, gofre, manufacturing of accessories, a necklace, серег, etc., and also stones «Swarovski»,if they are supposed to be in your age category. You can make a dress in our studio, and stick stones, but long-term experience, the daily practice and special glue allow us to consider the most important, creative management of the designer, that we shall make it much better. By the way, at our workshop you can receive any consultation about washing in order to take good care of your suit.


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