One of the main directions in our work is a work with figure skaters.

Perhaps, you have noticed, that suits for figure skating, especially recently, became closer to suits of the Latin American program. Though, certainly, there is some specific features: for example, on an ice many colors and stones look absolutely in another way and do not lead to that effect which we could expect on a parquet. That’s why the elements of a suit should not stir the plan to the certain movements, captures, supports, jumps and other.

Among our famous clients in due time were Irina Lobachova (Ирина Лобачева) and Ilya Averbuh (Илья Авербух), Albena Denkova (Албена Денкова) and Maxim Stavisky (Максим Ставиский), Oxana Domnina (Оксана Домнина) and Maxim Shabalin (Максим Шабалин), japanese figure skater Miki Ando. And now we actively cooperate with the figure skaters, training under direction of Alexandr Zhulin (Александр Жулин) and Alexey Gorshkov (Алексей Горшков), for example, Anastasiya Grebenkina (Анастасия Гребенкина) and Vazgen Azrojan (Вазген Азроян), Anastasiya Gorshkova (Анастасия Горшкова) and Ilya Tkachev (Илья Ткачев), etc.

Our clients are young and very perspective figure skaters, among which Arcady Sergeev (Аркадий Сергеев) and Natalia Mihajlova (Наталья Михайлова) with remarkable trainer Xenia Gennadevna Rumjantseva (Ксения Геннадьевна Румянцева) and the choreographer Peter Durnev (Петр Дурнев), former dancer himself directly related to the world of dancers.


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