Expressive and incendiary rhythms cha-cha-cha, jive or passodoble initially assume bright, stylishly sharp suits for Latin which depend on age and a level of dancers. It means that when you become more senior, especially mature and substantial, it is more and more expressing you as the person, so must be your suit. We grow together with you and are very glad, when those who just recently came to us to get the first suit, now leave in the endings of various competitions, order successful dancing suits, dresses, shirts and at times also final and wedding dresses.

Our studio many years works on creation of various latin images. Dress for the Latin program manufactured from a flexible stretching materials – lycra, supplex, velvet, the main task – to emphasize the shape and dynamics of dance. Usually it is short and open dresses with various finishes, decorated with fringe, ruffles, crystals and that visually complements the expressive nature of the program. Latin dance energy is uplifting and leaves no one indifferent!


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