It includes the dress for children, and particularly for girls who can dance two programs La and St.

Unfortunately, dear friends, here we can not do everything, since there are very strict restrictions on these suits. First, in use of color combinations – the dress should be strict one color. Secondly, unfortunately, in application of a various decor and trimming we can not use neither flowers, nor a fringe, applications, let alone stones. The most we can do is that we presume this various combination of fabrics of different invoices of one color. The most important advantage of your suit will be the competent design decision in a choice of a silhouette favourable to the child suitable it of color and ideal landing of a dress on a figure. Do not doubt, what even in the frameworks released by rules IDSF we shall make your pair the brightest and appreciable on a parquet!

The cost of materials for your suit depends exclusively on your choice. It can be both lycra, and jersey, diablo or a velvet, guipure, шифон, etc.

     A rating suit for the partner: It is the suit for the partner in which he dances two programs La and St.

The suit for beginning dancers consists of simple black trousers and a white strict shirt. The suit of the boy in the given category is official enough, and it imposes on us even more responsibility since we know, that how proudly and courageously the partner looks the success of pair, frequently, depends. Therefore very important parameters is the correct landing correcting possible problems with a bearing, age problems, etc. as the Keystone to success correctly chosen fabric serves in this business.


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